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Konnichiwa :-) I’m Clare, a Japanese/Scottish singer, songwriter, and keyboard player based in the UK. I work globally, but mainly on music projects between London, Tokyo and LA.



I was born in Osaka Japan, raised by a Scottish mother and a Japanese father. I was close to my Japanese grandparents who were from Okinawa – a cluster of tropical islands located south of Japan. I was heavily influenced by the beautiful Okinawa culture, island music, and their way of living. 

I moved to Scotland when I was 15. My mother wanted my siblings and I to be fully bilingual and bicultural. Music became my favourite escape at school, as I could barely speak English at the time. Fast forward a few years, I went on to study music in London and then started my career as a musician. 



I feel very lucky to have been given opportunities to play keyboards and sing backing vocals for incredible artists over the years - currently working with the Pet Shop Boys, where I get to sing some lead vocals - a huge pleasure and joy! Previous tours include Harry Styles, Kae Tempest, and KT Tunstall. 


I write and arrange vocals for global clients (in English or Japanese). For example, I was the featured artist on the award-winning Sony PlayStation game Ghost of Tsushima's soundtrack. I also wrote the lyrics and sang vocals for The Way Of The Ghost. If you would like to collaborate with me get in touch. 


I also love making meditation music (Check out my latest releases here). 


I am a qualified yoga teacher, reiki and quantum medicine practitioner - all in practice to stay “well” on tour. 


As a wellbeing and mindfulness enthusiast, I founded my skincare and wellbeing company Majo Medicine in 2016 - a business I run on the side. More info below.


Instagram @clareuchima 


内間くれあ です。よろしくお願いします。(╹◡╹)♡ ★彡

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Majo Medicine is a natural, ethical and organic skincare brand. We make cruelty free, vegan products that are packed full of potent, high quality organic ingredients, which make the skin look and feel amazing.

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Our philosophy - Pro Ageing Well™

We can look and feel youthful without the stress and constraints constantly surrounding us. We are aspiring to shift the concept of beauty and the ageing process. People who are “well” in their body AND mind naturally look good, youthful, charismatic and attractive, no matter what their age. This is why we want to avoid the term anti-ageing and promote « pro ageing well » instead. At Majo Medicine, we believe in the magic of human beings and their infinite potential. We believe our greatest lesson is to remind ourselves daily that we already have everything we need within ourselves.

"Beauty is in the wellbeing of the mind and body - it’s about authenticity, confidence, charisma, character and being comfortable." 

- Clare Uchima, Founder


We are on a mission to help people (including ourselves) feel good from the inside out. Investing in our future, by healing our past, and fully appreciating the gift of now. We are passionate about re-inventing the word medicine.

Majo Medicine's products have been featured in:

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Majo Medicine is a proud member of 1% for the Planet, a movement of businesses supporting environmental solutions. We proudly work with inspirational, non-profit charities to help make the world a more sustainable place. More info here.

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For more information on Majo Medicine, please visit our website

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